Huge Turnout as Ben Shapiro ROCKS MIZZOU “Toughen Up You Spoiled Children” (VIDEO)

On Friday evening, outspoken conservative Breitbart editor Ben Shapiro hosted an event on Mizzou’s campus to take on the crybullies in the #ConcernedStudents1950 movement.

With only 4 days notice the event titled “Truth is a Microagression” was an overwhelming success signaling that despite the media narrative, the views of the campus protesters are not prevalent throughout the student body.

Posters and flyers advertising the event bore the tagline “Check your liberal privilege” and the words “Toughen up you spoiled children” were scrawled on the sidewalk outside the venue by the MU College Republicans.


The auditorium overflowed with students as Shapiro blasted the school’s racebaiters. The crowd was so large that nearly 100 people watched the livestream from another auditorium and over 7000 people watched online from around the country.

The night ended with Shapiro thanking the huge crowd for coming out and showing the world that “Not everyone agrees with this nonsensical, fascistic, tyrannical movement that’s being pushed by the left.

Too scared to show up in a place where their ideas were being intellectually destroyed, the gutless protesters were no where to be found.

As is the case with all bullies, when you stand up to them they prove to be cowards.

The full event can be seen here.

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