Here’s The State Department’s Refugee Screening Process We’re Supposed To Trust

Syrian Refugees

The federal government can’t even manage itself, but somehow the State Department and President Obama want the public to trust them to screen Syrian refugees.

The Week reports:

So what does the vetting process actually look like? The nonpartisan fact-checking website PolitiFact has a thorough explanation, starting with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees’ months-long process, which about 1 percent of refugees reportedly make it through. Then, the U.S. steps in:

Once a case is referred from the UNHCR to the United States, a refugee undergoes a security clearance check that could take several rounds, an in-person interview, approval by the Department of Homeland Security, medical screening, a match with a sponsor agency, “cultural orientation” classes, and one final security clearance. This all happens before a refugee ever gets onto American soil. [PolitiFact]

Sound trustworthy?



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