Glenn Beck Explains How Progressives Changed Thanksgiving (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck Thanksgiving

Did you know progressives changed America’s day of Thanksgiving? The reason might surprise you. Glenn Beck explains it all below.

From Beck’s website:

How progressives changed Thanksgiving

As Glenn outlined on radio, the tie between Thanksgiving and God slowly unraveled during the Progressive Era. In an official statement issued by Franklin D. Roosevelt, a subtle change in wording and tradition began the unraveling.

“I, Theodore Roosevelt, president of the United States do hereby designate as a day of general thanksgiving, Thursday the 28th, this present November, and I recommend that throughout the land, people cease from their wanted occupations.”

“Notice the date was still the same [the fourth Thursday of November], but this is the first time the president said we should take the day off,” Glenn explained. “This was unusual because up until the Progressive Era, we thought it was abhorrent to take even Christmas off. …In fact, the Pilgrims and our Founders thought it would be crass to take the day off and make it not a day of work for either holiday, either Thanksgiving or Christmas. We worked on Christmas. But it was the progressives that wanted us to cease from occupations.”

“At the tail end of the Depression, Franklin Roosevelt, hoping to boost the economy by providing shoppers and merchants a few extra days to conduct their business between Thanksgiving and Christmas, moved Thanksgiving to November’s third Thursday,” explained Glenn. “So the only reason why we changed from the fourth Thursday to the third, was because in the third term of FDR, he officially disconnected it from God and connected it to the God of America, the almighty dollar.”

That’s right, liberal progressives who purportedly hated business, hated commercialism and despised the power of big business, made Thanksgiving all about money.

Watch the video:


Anyone surprised?


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