FACT: Mass Migration From Muslim Countries Would Be Bad News For The United States

mass migration

Mass migration and illegal immigration are always downplayed by the media as having little impact on Americans and the taxpayers who foot the bill for the effort.

But, as the Hayride reports, accepting 10,000 Syrian refugees into the country could be detrimental to taxpayers and the security of the country.

In a report by the Congressional Office of Refugee Resettlement, nearly 92 percent of refugees in the country were on food stamps between 2008-2013. Additionally, 73 percent of refugees were on Medicaid, 68 percent were receiving some kind of cash welfare almost 20 percent were in public housing.

This data is largely in-line with the numbers out of Minnesota involving the large Somali migrant population.

In Minnesota, the majority of Somali refugees arrive without family ties in the state. And because the state, one controlled by Democrats, has a slew of generous welfare services, Somali migrants do not have a good track record of working in the state.

The state’s demographer’s report that only 41 percent of Somali men are working and 54 percent of Somali women are working. This leaves us with anecdotal evidence which points to the fact that Somali migrants largely rely on the state’s entitlement programs.


Though the issue is hardly reported on and barely mentioned by the national media, national security is undoubtedly an issue that comes along with the mass migration of refugees into the United States.

In fact, to note how under-reported national security is when it comes to mass migration, the Washington Times is one of the only newspapers in the country to report on the impact that Muslim migrants have on national security.

Among the Minnesota Somali population, they are the most likely to be targeted by Islamic terrorist groups, ranging from the Islamic State to al-Shabab, which is a Somali-based group with ties to al Qaeda.

The convictions of Somali-Americans, American converts to Islam in the area or Somali refugees have been widespread and vast for collaborations with Islamic terrorist groups.

The facts are clear: Mass migration would be bad news for many Americans.

Image: (CrisisGroup)

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