WORD POLICE: Liberals Now Want To Ban The Term ILLEGAL ALIEN

Here come the word police again, telling the rest of us which words and phrases we can or cannot use. This time it’s about appeasing illegal immigrants.

The Hill reports:

A bill introduced in the House on Thursday would change how immigrants are referred in federal laws.

Rep. Joaquín Castro (D-Texas) has introduced the Correcting Hurtful and Alienating Names in Government Expression Act. The bill would remove the term “illegal alien” and replace it with “undocumented foreign national” and keep executive branch agencies from using “alien” or “illegal alien” in signage and literature.

“America is a nation of immigrants, yet our federal government continues to use terms that dehumanize and ostracize those in our society who happen to have been born elsewhere,” Castro said in a release.

“Regardless of status, immigrants to our nation are first and foremost human beings. Removing the term ‘alien’ from our federal laws shows respect to our shared heritage and to the hundreds of millions of descendants of immigrants who call America home.”

Eventually, the Left will force us to call illegal immigrants ‘residents.’


Oh wait, they’re already doing that.

Image: (DailyMail UK)

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