What Double Standard? White Principal Body-Slammed to Ground by Black Student …Media Silent

On Tuesday– video was posted of a young female black student getting slammed to the floor and arrested in class.
school beating cop

The video went viral and made screaming headlines on every major news channel.

A third video of the incident showed the the student punching the deputy during the confrontation.

** The student was not participating in class, she took out her phone and refused to leave class. That was before the officer was called in.

Also on Tuesday– a white principal was body slammed to the ground during a lunchroom brawl.
white principal slammed

This video did not go viral for some reason?

FOX 40 reported:

Three Florin High School students were arrested Monday for their involvement in an on-campus fight during which one of the students shoved Principal Don Ross to the floor.

Ross was trying to break up the fight in the lunch room when the student shoved him down.

Ross quickly got back on his feet and helped restrain the student who had shoved him while other authorities, including a school resource officer from the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department, stepped in to help.

Two of the arrested students are 15 years old and the other is 13 years old, according to the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department. Two were arrested for battery, one for making threats.

The fight was captured on camera and uploaded to YouTube.

Obviously, this second incident does not fit the media narrative.
So they ignored it.
Hat Tip Jen

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