Obama’s DOJ and FBI to Investigate SC Deputy Tossing Student to Floor

A South Carolina school officer was caught on video this week wrestling down and arresting a belligerent female student at Spring Valley High School in South Carolina.
school beating cop
The school resource officer, Deputy Ben Fields, has been placed on administrative leave pending the results of an investigation.

The video is hard to watch:

The incident started when the girl pulled out her cellphone and refused her math teacher’s request to hand it over during class. The teacher then called the administration and security. The female student still refused to cooperate. That’s when Officer Fields took the student out of her desk and tossed her on the floor while she was swinging at him. The officer arrested the female student and her friend.

No one was hurt in the incident but the video went viral. Now, the Obama DOJ and FBI are going to investigate this South Carolina high school incident.

This is the same politicized DOJ that dropped charges against IRS officials who targeted over 500 conservative groups in the run-up of the 2012 election.

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