Watch Hillary Clinton Get Nothing But FLUFF QUESTIONS in Media Appearance (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton was on the Today Show this morning and got exactly the sort of questions you would expect her to get. The appearance was more like a commercial than a news report.

The Washington Free Beacon did a great job putting together this video:

Clinton Fields Hard Questions on Today Show

WILLIE GEIST: This crowd is well fed and they have a lot of questions, so let’s get right to it.

EVERYDAY AMERICAN #1: Secretary Clinton, thank you for this opportunity. Honestly, is there anyone left in the Republican Party—I’m talking the Senate and the House—who you can work with?

HILLARY CLINTON: That’s exactly the right question.

EVERYDAY AMERICAN #2: First, I want to thank you for your candidacy. I’m wondering what your favorite celebratory, unhealthy drink is.

CLINTON: A martini. A vodka martini.

EVERYDAY AMERICAN #3: Secretary Clinton you’ve had a lot of tough questions this morning—this may be the toughest question you get all day. Many years ago, we saw another Clinton at his inauguration play an instrument and have a song. What song or instrument would you play at yours?


Can you even imagine a media appearance like this for a Republican?

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