CAUGHT ON VIDEO=> Drunken Texas State Rep Attempts To Attack Reporter

In January of this year The American Phoenix Foundation began an investigation into the Texas House of Representatives and Senate. The investigation was conducted in two phases:

Phase one involved a team of undercover investigators spending four months in and around various Austin hot spots known to be frequented by legislators.

Phase two was spent inside the Texas Capitol attempting to get the the various lawmakers on record regarding a number of issues.

Desperate to keep the investigation from exposing the rampant corruption and cronyism the legislature assigned Capitol police to follow the investigators and even went so far as to introduce legislation making it illegal to film legislators inside the Capitol.

When all was said and done the investigation netted well over 1000 hours of video.


Late last month APF released the first of many stories to come stemming from this investigation in which a Texas Democrat Rep allegedly brags about having mafia connections.

This week APF released the second piece of the investigation centered around Republican Dan Huberty.

Twenty minutes after the House adjourns, Houston Representative Dan Huberty, longtime supporter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, walks through the Texas Capitol, apparently drunk. He told “dick” reporters to talk to his wife.


Rep. Huberty leaves, and then returns to confront a reporter. He answered a few questions, slurred profanities, and argued with his staffers.

** Take special note of how three DPS agents are assigned to the reporter, and how they are careful to politically protect Huberty by blocking stairwells for him.

The American Phoenix Foundation promises there are many more stories to be broken from this investigation.
Stay tuned.

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