UH OH! CNN Goes After Bernie Sanders For Poor Record on Veterans Affairs (VIDEO)

In case you haven’t heard, Bernie Sanders supporters are absolutely furious with CNN for claiming that Hillary won the Democrat debate. They’re even claiming that CNN has been deleting their comments.

For once, leftists are discovering media bias and it’s hilarious.

If they thought that was bad, wait until they see this CNN report attacking Sanders’ record as the chair of the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs. This is not good:

Sanders stretched truth on VA record during debate, some vets say

(CNN)Sen. Bernie Sanders touted his record on veterans’ issues during Tuesday’s debate, citing his position as the former chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs when Congress provided billions of extra dollars to boost healthcare for veterans last year.

“We went further in than any time in recent history in improving health care to the men and women of this country who put their lives on the line to defend us,” Sanders said Tuesday, referring to $15 billion given to the Department of Veterans Affairs to decrease wait times and reform the troubled agency.

Yet some veterans groups and others criticize Sanders for what they call a lack of oversight of the VA, and for at times coming to its defense in the midst of the scandal that rocked the agency in 2014.

Here’s the full video report:

Sanders fans still don’t realize he may have handed Hillary Clinton the nomination the instant he told her no one cares about her emails.

Stay tuned, the rift between these two camps is sure to get worse.


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