THE NUMBERS: Thousands Of Illegal Immigrant Children Caught In Fiscal Year 2015

Immigration Overload

Illegal immigration is a fast growing problem in the U.S. yet the media avoids it like the plague.

Here are the real numbers on illegal immigration in Fiscal Year 2015:

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection data updated Wednesday, CBP apprehended a grand total of 39,970 unaccompanied alien minors crossing the Southwest U.S. border in FY2015. That’s a 42 percent decrease from the 68,541 UACs they caught at the border in FY2014.

CBP also reports it apprehended 39,838 family units in FY2015 – down 42 percent from 68,445 in FY2014.

The year-end numbers ended on a surge, as the number of illegal alien kids being caught at the border steadily increased as the months ticked by. August proved to be the month with the highest apprehension numbers at 4,632 UACs – or about 149 per day. September wasn’t too far behind at 4,476 UACs (also about 149 per day).

So basically, that’s 39,970 potential new votes for the Democrats.


Image: (MRCTV)

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