Newly Unearthed Video Shows Eric Greitens’ Love For World Government

As you may or may not know former Navy Seal Eric Greitens is running for the GOP Gubernatorial nomination in Missouri branding himself a “Conservative Outsider”.
Another thing you may or may not know is that he was a democrat until 2 years ago. Not just a rank and file democrat but a hardcore, aggressive leftist activist.
He has close ties to the Clintons through his charitable foundation and ties to organizations funded by George Soros among other questionable associations. We will report more on these in the coming weeks.
So enamored with Greitens were the democrats that they courted him to run for Congress at one point.
Less than 2 years ago in 2013 Greitens was an active democrat endorsing the rabidly anti-2nd Amendment St. Louis mayor Francis Slay. In that same year Slay held an anti-gun rally in St. Louis where speakers discussed ceding US Sovereignty to the UN.
Undeterred by Slay’s propensity to disregard the constitution and defer to the UN, Greitens lent his name and image to the Slay campaign.
Dem Greitens 2
Now this video of Greitens praising the UN as “The greatest American foreign policy success in the last 100 years” has surfaced from 07′ further illustrating his views align with that of the radical Slay administration.

Is this earth shattering? No, but it’s another piece of the puzzle that when completed could reveal a Trojan horse.
Now this “former” leftist wants Missouri to elect him to the highest office in the state and bypass several proven conservative candidates in the process.
Since conservatives can’t count on some life long Republicans to represent their values why would they take a chance on Eric Greitens?

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