New Movie About SOUTHERN BORDER CRISIS Will Make Liberals Rage (VIDEO)


This new movie doesn’t fit the mainstream media narrative about what’s really happening on the American-Mexican border.

‘Sicario’ exposes the big lie from progressives that there is not a drug cartel problem, nor is there a problem with illegal immigration.

This is not a film that’s going to sugar-coat the Mexican drug cartel, nor is it going to pretend like this is a Mexican issue.

Quite the contrary, the Mexican drug cartel is an American problem. Whether or not our American eyes and ears can handle that is besides the point at the end of Sicario. Instead, the question demanding an answer at the end of the film is ‘Are we wolves willing to fight or will we continue to lose using rules made up by rich Washington bureaucrats?’

If Sicario forces that answer from our corrupt DC elites is another story to be told.



This is one film that like last year’s ‘American Sniper’ is bound to have liberals in an uproar.

Image: (Fubiz)

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