Liberal Blog Now Claims Climate Change Deniers ARE WORSE THAN HOLOCAUST DENIERS

climate change

Leave it to a writer at Salon to make the absolutely insane assertion that climate change is worse than the Holocaust.

Writer Paul Rosenberg writes:

All that is true, but there’s a further point worth making: climate change denial is actually much worse than Holocaust denial. Holocaust denial deals with the deaths of millions in the past, which it did nothing to cause, however morally odious it surely is.

Global warming denial deals with the deaths of millions in the future, which it helps to cause, by crippling efforts to prevent them. And that’s something much worse, as is reflected in law: It’s not a crime to lie about murders in the past, except to hinder a police investigation, or prosecution; but it is a crime to tell enabling lies about future murders—it’s called conspiracy to commit murder.

Nevermind that the Holocaust killed millions of people, liberals now think climate change is much, much worse.


Image: (Gawker)

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