BUH BYE: Ahmed The Clock Boy is Moving to THE ISLAMIC STATE OF QATAR

Ahmed the Clock Boy has had it with American style freedom and is moving with his family to the Islamic country of Qatar which is ruled by Sharia Law and has a slavery problem.

Blake Neff of The Daily Caller:

Clock Boy Leaving America To Live In Theocratic Authoritarian Slave State

Ahmed Mohamed, famous across the country as “Clock Boy,” will be moving from the U.S. to Qatar. His family made the announcement Tuesday, just one day after his much-anticipated meeting with President Barack Obama…

The family says adapting to Qatar won’t be so difficult.

“Qatar is in the Arab world, but it also feels like Texas. It’s like Texas in Qatar,” said Ahmed’s sister Eyman.

But Qatar is in fact quite different from Texas. Notably, the country’s human rights record is positively appalling. The country is an absolute monarchy ruled by a Al-Thani family, promised parliamentary elections have never been held, and the country is run on Sharia law. The country has been rated as having the fourth-highest concentration of slave laborers in the world…

Freedom of speech is sharply limited in the country as well. In 2011, for instance, poet Mohammed Rashid al-Ajami was sentenced to life in prison for insulting the country’s emir, though the sentence was later reduced to a mere 15 years.

Here’s a related video report:


So long, Ahmed.


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