SURPRISE! Bernie Sanders is Being Supported by OCCUPY WALL STREET

Back in 2011, Occupy Wall Street protesters took over and destroyed public spaces all over the country. Today, they’re rallying around Socialist Democrat Bernie Sanders.

Note how this report from the Guardian makes no mention of the rapes, thefts, destruction of property or other crimes committed by the OWS movement:

Former Occupy Wall Street protesters rally around Bernie Sanders campaign

On 17 September 2011 a group of protesters occupied Wall Street. Their unpolished campaign sought to draw attention to financial inequality. To healthcare issues. And to the problem of student debt.

If that sounds familiar, it is because four years on, Bernie Sanders’ own campaign has highlighted many of the same grievances. It is no coincidence. In 2015 many of the protesters who cut their teeth in the Occupy encampments are now campaigning for the Democratic candidate.

“There’s 50 million people who are impoverished here in America,” said Stan Williams, an Occupy Wall Street stalwart who is now co-organiser of African Americans for Bernie.

“He talks about the 99%. He talks about the 1%. So a lot of the things he talks about resonate with me.”

It’s funny how no one in the American media is asking Bernie Sanders to comment on all of the crimes that took place during the Occupy protests, isn’t it?



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