Stephen Miller is a writer you’ve probably seen on Twitter who also maintains a blog called The Wilderness. His newest column is about how Obama’s progressive policies and a compliant progressive media have led to the current refugee situation coming out of Syria.

Miller begins with the story of Aylan Kurdi, the refugee child featured in the already famous Associated Press photo.

What the media is flatly omitting from history, is that this is all happening on Obama’s watch because of his policies. They’re too busy reporting his victory over glaciers to point out his failures in foreign policy.

This is a long column but here’s a choice excerpt:

The Boy on the Beach: Obama’s Foreign Policy Failures Go Viral

When reports emerged that Assad had utilized chlorine gas against both rebels and civilians, Obama was suddenly boxed into a world which preceded his ascension and more importantly, didn’t give a damn about what he thought. Obama and his famously anti-war Secretary of State John Kerry reaped the consequences of spending the prior five years demonizing the difficult decisions made by their predecessors, either unaware or unfazed by the idea that they might one day have to rally the country and the world around a “Red Line” they themselves had set, and as it turns out weren’t very good or very interested in necessitating either.

This part is very strong:

It wasn’t “the United States” that let Obama get away with declaring “I didn’t set that red line, the world did” only to have him to walk out the door like a dejected child needing an afternoon snack and media-induced nap. No, that was our media: rather than hold him accountable for his own declarations of removing Assad and setting a “red line,” they simply shrugged, muttered a word or two about how war Totally Sucks Anyway, and went back to writing think pieces on the cultural impact of the President’s NCAA tournament bracket.

Read the whole thing here.

We’re living in the age of leading from behind.

Isn’t it sad?


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