DISASTER: US Spent $41.8 Million to Train 54 Syrian Fighters – Only 4 Remain (VIDEO)

Another Obama success story.
The Obama administration announced last year that the US would build a rebel force to take on ISIS.

The Obama administration said they would train over 4,000 fighter a year to defeat ISIS.
As of July of this year, the US had only trained 60 Syrian fighters to take on the Islamic State.

ISIS has 20,000 to 30,000 fighters.

But several of the US-trained rebels were captured when they entered Syria in July.

Al-Nusra Islamists released video of the captured US trained rebels in Azaz, Syria.
nusra us troops
The US-trained rebels weretaken hostage as they crossed into Syria from Turkey.

The Obama administration spent $41.8 million to train the 54 Syrian fighters.
us obama syrian fighters

And all of the 54 fighters have been captured, killed or fled the region.
Except four.

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