SYRIAN ISLAMISTS Release Video of Captured US-Trained Rebels in Azaz

Al-Nusra Islamists released video this week of US trained rebels in Azaz, Syria.
nusra us troops
The US-trained rebels were captured as they crossed into Syria from Turkey.

The US-trained rebels did not make it far.
They were captured as they crossed the border.

The AP reported:

Clashes between members of al-Qaida’s branch in Syria and a rebel faction in the country’s north believed to have been trained by the U.S. government have stopped after the rebels abandoned their headquarters, activists said Saturday.

The Nusra Front meanwhile released a video showing one of the captured rebels saying that the men in the faction known as Division 30 were trained in Turkey by U.S. officers and sent back to Syria with money and weapons.

The fighting came a few days after the U.S. and Turkey announced the outlines of a deal to help rebels push the Islamic State group back from a strip of territory it controls along the Syrian-Turkish border, replacing it with more moderate rebels backed by Washington and Ankara.

Rami Abdurrahman, who heads the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said members of the Division 30 faction fled to a nearby area controlled by a Syrian Kurdish militia. Abu al-Hassan Marea, a Syrian activist who is currently in Turkey near the Syrian border, confirmed Saturday that Division 30 fighters have withdrawn from their headquarters.

Abdurrahman and Marea said Division 30 had less than 60 fighters and that on Friday alone the group lost five fighters and 18 others were wounded.

A representative of Division 30 did not respond to written questions sent to the group’s Facebook account.

Al Nusra bragged about the operation on JustPasteIt.

North Aleppo – Nusra stops US snake plans for future Shaam

“…And whoso allies with them (the disbelievers) is indeed one of them…”

Allah blessed the intelligence branch of Nusra in North Aleppo by gaining some valuable information that led to the capture of some of the members of “division 30”. After interagetion it became clear for Nusra what this filthy US backed group was up to. Also it became clear that the US command center had direct contact with the commanders of “division 30”, thus making it for the US easy to immediately react with their drones and fighter jets to attack the Mujahideen of #Nusra and stopping them in their opportunity to remove this western backed cancer that wants to sicken and eleminate the blessed Shaam and its people with its filthy western policies, democracy and lifestyle.

Last night, after getting more clear and strong evidences that the US-backed & trained group “division 30” is trying to get a strong foot on the ground in the form of slowly taking in some strategic locations in North Shaam, to plan future attacks on the Islamic Jihadi groups, like us from Jabhat al Nusra, we started planning an attack to hit this dangerous group that wants to fights the Muslims for their crooked master the US.

The plan was to strike “division 30” with a hit and run attack and teach them a lesson that we don’t tolerate any group that fights for a foreign country and a western agenda. We don’t tolerate that US stretches it’s long filthy capitalistic arm, in the form of such groups, in to the blessed land of Shaam. So we payed them a visit to cutt off this poisened arm & we striked with the help of Allah with great force.

By the grace of Allah we where afflicting them with heavy losses & imprisoned more of these fooled puppies, we heard them scream “we will surrender, we will surrender”. After a half hour of heavy fighting between us and these puppets of the US, we, as expected, heard the sound of a drone flying high in the sky collecting information to give coordinations to fighter jets who would strike us in the locations we where present. It was the first direct encounter between a US backed group that got support by US drones & jets and Nusra. Personally it was something I wanted for a long time, fighting these slaves of US is sweeter then fighting the nusayriya, it also teached us some valuable lessons in how to improve our tactics on the ground against enemies whi have superior air power.

The US strikes caused some of our dear brothers to be granted their martyrdom and others got wounded. We ask Allah to grant them the highest levels of Paradise & we ask Allah to heal our wounded.

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