#BlackLivesMatter Plans to SHUT DOWN the Twin Cities Marathon in Minnesota

The folks of #BlackLivesMatter sure know how to win friends, don’t they? Their newest plan is to shut down the Twin Cities Marathon in Minnesota.

The Star Tribune reports:

Black Lives Matter marathon protest plan stirs fear, spurs backlash

Four days before more than 11,000 runners line up for the start of Sunday’s Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon, the threat by protesters to disrupt the 26.2-mile race has some marathoners on edge about their safety, while others are angry that months of training could be jeopardized as they approach the finish line.

The St. Paul chapter of Black Lives Matter says it’s planning on “shutting down” the annual October running event near the finish at the State Capitol to raise awareness of recent incidents involving St. Paul police and people of color.

St. Paul police and the marathon’s organizers declined Tuesday to discuss the protest, but issued statements saying they are working on plans to ensure the safety of runners, volunteers and spectators…

Tina Hauser, who runs about 12 marathons a year and is planning to run the Twin Cities race, said runners are very focused as they push to the end of the race and she’s concerned about potential conflicts.

“People are afraid of the worst-case scenario — violence,” she said.

You would think after what happened at the Boston Marathon a couple years ago, #BlackLivesMatter would know that law enforcement is on heightened awareness for such events.


You would think…

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