VIDEO: Liberal Media Gushes Over ‘Historic’ Moment in Cuba

Obama has had another ‘historic’ moment by reopening relations with Cuba and his cheerleaders in the media can barely contain their glee.

Watch this compilation video from MRCTV. You may notice a certain word being repeated over and over.

The editors of the New York Post are wondering why progressives are so happy about all of this:


Why is Cuba’s opening a cause for progressive cheers?

The weirdest thing about Friday’s symbolic reopening of the US Embassy in Cuba is that it’s somehow seen as a progressive achievement.

The leader of the Free World takes a step toward restoring relations with a bloody tyranny — where a single family has ruled with an iron hand for six decades — and the professed enemies of inequality cheer?

Today’s leftists are so eager to have foreign leaders pretend to agree with them that they’ll overlook thousands of political prisoners, a needlessly impoverished country and no free speech, free assembly or free press.

It’s almost as if being loudly anti-American is enough to win the American left’s love.

That sounds about right.

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