RACHEL MADDOW EXPOSED: Loves to Bash FOX News But Once Applied to WORK THERE

Rachel Maddow uses her MSNBC show to bash FOX News all the time but if it’s so bad, why did she want to work there?

Let’s begin with a recent report from NewsBusters:

MSNBC’s Maddow Smears Fox News as Just ‘Republican Party Television’

On her self-titled MSNBC show Tuesday night, Rachel Maddow used the current feud between Fox News and Donald Trump to attack the news network as nothing more than an arm of the Republican Party.

Maddow admitted that Fox was a “competitor of ours at MSNBC” but dismissed them as a news outlet and merely “Republican Party television. So we not only compete with them but we also cover them as a political entity, you have to if you want to cover Republican politics. So, in that context I have been covering FOX News as a Republican political entity for years now.”

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A few thoughts…

MSNBC is a competitor with FOX News like an ant is a competitor with an aircraft carrier. There’s no comparison for the ratings or audience size between the two networks. FOX News annihilates MSNBC in ratings Every. Single. Day.

Second, if FOX News is Republican television, what does that make MSNBC? And all the other networks?

Lastly, if FOX News is so horrible why did Rachel Maddow want to work there?

Back in 2009, Brian Maloney of the Radio Equalizer blog reported that before Maddow was signed to MSNBC, she shopped herself to FOX News:


With a rapid rise accompanied by a generous helping of mainstream media fawning, it was only a matter of time before broadcast rookie Rachel Maddow began to trip over her own words. Isn’t that how this kind of story always plays out?

Thanks to an unfortunate series of blunders and career mishaps, that’s precisely what has occurred in a big way, all in the course of just a day or two.

At a dinner Thursday evening, for example, Maddow reportedly told hacks and flaks at a Television Critics Association gathering she’s “never seen a show on Fox at any time, ever.”

Isn’t that a funny thing: just six months ago, before her debut as full-time MSNBC host, Maddow was pitching her services to the FOX News Channel, the very network she’s now busy attacking in public. Looks like Rachel has just Fox-ed herself into a corner.

In another post, Maloney wrote:

Though it was just a minor point (and exclusive scoop) made in our piece on Rachel Maddow’s move to a full-time position at Keith Olbermann’s MSNBC, word that she lobbied for a similar position at the Fox News Channel has raised eyebrows in cyberspace.

That proved especially true as another inside source independently confirmed our report, which then appeared in Jossip and TVNewser.

Confused yet? There’s more…

In February of this year Maddow praised FOX News as a “good place for journalists to work.”

Let’s hope Roger Ailes offers Maddow a job at FOX News someday.

It’d be worth it just to see the reaction of her fans when she accepts.


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