Progressive Rag: “To Save The Planet We Must Shrink The Economy; Curb White Population”


Many have wondered why President Obama’s economic plans don’t seemed geared toward actual economic growth or uniting the American people. From causing energy bills to skyrocket to fighting Climate Change, to looking to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, everything the Progressive left supports appears geared towards shrinking the economy instead of growing it and causing more division among the American people.

Well… it appears, according to a Progressive news source, that’s the whole point.

According to the Progressive rag, People’s World, in an article titled The Way To Save the Planet: Shrink The Economy, we must basically destroy our economy, and the population of white people in the world must decrease, if we are going to save the planet from (the fiction of) man-made Climate Change:


Significant segments of our movement celebrate a “green new deal,” that will create an economic boom and new jobs while greening our economy. This is dangerous self-deception. Everyone needs living-wage jobs, but if the additional millions of job-holders produce more products and consume as the typical living-wage worker and their families do today, we’ll collectively emit even more carbon and make the problem worse.

Therefore we must couple the new green jobs with significantly reduced hours and substantially increased wages/salaries for all workers, including professionals. These workers and their families must spend their increased funds and free time in a manner that does not produce more greenhouse gases. This complex of interactions won’t work without careful planning and re-education. We’ll make no progress if we create more consumers taking part in the throw-away society.

Progressive environmental activists are also reluctant to talk about population. We believe in sharing the world’s resources more equitably, but don’t calculate what that means as the global population approaches eight billion. The issue of population control has racist roots and a history of unequal practice. In addition, five hundred million relatively affluent North American and Western European whites produce 80 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, while billions of people of color in the third world have tiny carbon footprints. While masses of people living in poverty are not responsible for global warming, increasing their level of consumption to that enjoyed in the “developed world” will have a profoundly negative impact on the world’s carbon footprint.”

So while many on the political right are pushing to find “common ground” with those on the Progressive left in the hope of uniting the American people, it would appear that in reality the Progressives don’t want to unite with us. Because in the end they want to take the economy back to the stone age, if not bury it completely, all the while reducing the world’s population of affluent white people in order to save the planet.

When you look at President Obama and the Progressive left’s actions through those Climate Change, Marxist colored glasses….it now all begins to make some sort of twisted sense. And while the majority of Americans will continue to live in denial about where this dark, Progressive agenda will lead, President Obama and the Progressive left are getting nearer to seeing their dreams…become a reality.

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