Left Wing Politico Cartoonist Blames Colorado EPA Disaster on the Tea Party

Only a progressive could look at the massive failure of an unaccountable government agency and blame people who advocate for smaller government.

Politico cartoonist Matt Wuerker is a leftist who takes shots at conservatives and libertarians all the time, but this one was a real stretch.

John Ekdahl of the Ace of Spades HQ blog preserved Wuerker’s latest cartoon in a tweet. Take a close look at what’s on the shirt of the man in the lower right:


Michelle Malkin responded:

To make matters worse, Jim Hoft recently exposed a letter sent to a Colorado newspaper which predicted the EPA disaster was going to happen in order for the agency to grab more power.

Here’s a question: What does it say about Politico that their only cartoonist is a left winger?

(Image: Source)

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