GOP Elites: If You Support Donald Trump You Are a “Low Information Voter”

Washington insiders piled on Donald Trump yesterday on FOX News Sunday.
Arthur Brooks, from the American Enterprise Institute, took it a step further. Brooks accused the Trump supporters of being “low information voters.”

Monday morning on FOX News conservative Katie Pavlich, who is a committed conservative, repeated the attack. So this must be something that is catching on inside the Beltway.

trump chopper
Trump gives helicopter rides to Iowans at the state fair.


Today Rush Limbaugh reacted to this offensive attack by GOP elites on conservative voters.
Via The Rush Limbaugh Show:

And Arthur Brooks. We’ll have the sound bite on this. Arthur Brooks, American Enterprise Institute, was on Fox News Sunday yesterday. Now, the American Enterprise Institute has long been thought of as a conservative think tank. Cato is Libertarian. Brookings is to the left. Heritage is conservative. AEI is also thought to be conservative.

Arthur Brooks yesterday is talking about (are you ready for this?) the low-information voters supporting Trump. I saw that, and I really stopped on a dime and did a double-take. Look at who they think low-information voters are inside the Beltway! You know, when we talk about “low-information voters” here, what do we mean? Who do we mean? We mean mind-numbed Democrat voters. Mind-numbed, pop culture voters who are brain-dead who are not curious.

Who don’t think, who simply absorb whatever they see presented to them by various mainstream media sources and believe it. Well, we learn… (interruption) We learn… I used the term “low-information voter.” Arthur Brooks… (interruption) No, don’t misunderstand. I’m not getting on anybody for copying that. I’m not that petty. Low-information voters out there… (interruption) Yes, it’s my concoction. Fine. Everybody’s using it. Cool.

The point is, look who they think the low-information voters are. Look who the inside-the-Beltway people think the LIVs are. You people! According to Arthur Brooks, you who support Trump are the mind-numbed, uneducated, uninformed low-information voters, and they are confident that you’re gonna see the light at some point. That’s what I meant about this been a barnburner weekend. This is a blow-the-top-off-of-it weekend.

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