CNBC Host’s Website Predicts Democrats Will Win In 2016


Who will win the next Presidential election is anyone’s guess, but there are those who are better at guessing than others. There is even one website in particular, co-founded by a host on CNBC, who claims to know who the next President will be…and unfortunately it won’t be a Republican.

The website The Street, co-founded by CNBC host Jim Cramer, predicts that based upon their election model, the Democrat candidate for President (whoever it is) will win in 2016:

“The economy may not be at the top of voters’ minds in every election, but it is close. This is the principle underpinning the Moody’s Analytics presidential election model. The model predicts whether the Democratic or Republican presidential nominee will win the popular vote in each state and the District of Columbia. In our Electoral College system, the candidate who wins the plurality of votes in enough states with a total of at least 270 electoral votes wins the election…

we predict that the Democratic nominee for president will win the election by the slimmest of margins with precisely 270 electoral votes. The Republican nominee will fall just short with 268 votes.”

According to the article, The Street used a similar election model to accurately predict that Obama would win in 2008 and 2012.


CNBC isn’t known to have any love for Republicans, but the fact that the website did accurately predict the last two presidential elections is disturbing. But considering how divided the Republican party is because of the current civil war among party members, it does add plausibility to a possible Democrat victory. We can only hope for the sake of the nation and the future of liberty that this time they’re prediction is wrong.

(Image: Business Insider)

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