Time Features Progressive Saint Elizabeth Warren on Their Latest Cover

(Image: Time Magazine)

Time Magazine has graced the cover of its new issue with a picture of Elizabeth Warren, the self proclaimed intellectual parent of the Occupy movement.

The New York Times won’t list Ted Cruz’s new book on their bestsellers list but Time, one of America’s most influential magazines, will give a positive cover story to the left’s favorite lawmaker:


How Elizabeth Warren’s Populist Fury is Remaking Democratic Politics

Begin with the anonymous pamphlets left scattered amid the ketchup and mustard packets at Hillary Clinton’s Fourth of July weekend rally in Hanover, N.H. “As Secretary of State, I saw how extreme economic inequality has corrupted other societies,” the sheet read, quoting Clinton from a speech. Those words appeared just above the corporate logos of companies whose employees gave the most to Clinton’s campaigns—JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, among others. A punch line followed: “Do you believe her?”

Here’s the punchline to the story. A writer at Boston.com (which is owned by the Boston Globe) has tried to claim that the Time cover and story are unflattering.

I kid you not:

Hey look, another magazine cover story about Elizabeth Warren as a scary ghost

Elizabeth Warren appears on the cover of Time magazine this week alongside the suggestive headline, “Who’s Afraid of Elizabeth Warren?”

“She’s hounding Obama, haunting Hillary, and paving the way for Bernie Sanders. How she’ll shape the 2016 race,” the tagline reads.

The cover portrays Warren as a Hound of the Baskervilles-like presence, “haunting” and “hounding” the political powers that be. If that sounds familiar, that’s because Time is the third magazine to recently put the Massachusetts senator on its cover next to some description of her scariness and ghoulishness.

Maybe the writer can get back to us when Warren gets the Michele Bachmann treatment on a magazine cover.

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