This Texas State Rep. Reveals Two Secrets About Her Democrat Colleagues

dv-cover-06.29.12B“Do NOT tweet this” says Texas state representative Mary Gonzalez (D), the first ever pansexual elected to office in the United States, as she tells students “There’s actually a lot of legislators in Texas who are queer but don’t come out” at a presentation last year at Washington State University,

In the video posted on YouTube, a few minutes later, she recalls a dinner event presented by the ironically all male “Progressive American Legislative Caucus”, where one of her colleagues turned to her and proclaimed “Mary, since meeting you, I’ve put being with a pan-sexual on my bucket list,” to which took great offense. “I just felt like someone had slapped my in the face. Like, exonifying, sexualizing, dehumanizing, it was the grossest thing someone had told me. It was a joke to him, but to me, it was not a joke… The ‘activist’ Mary would have been like ‘WELL F YOU AND I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU SAID SOMETHING LIKE THAT! LET ME TALK ABOUT HOW RACIST AND DISCRIMINATORY AND SEXIST AND HETERO-SEXIST THAT COMMENT IS!‘ and I would have been harsh and I would have stung him.”

How ironic that the already ironic all male Progressive Caucus is discriminatory toward pansexuals, despite the apparently large number of closeted queers within the Texas legislature.


But It doesn’t stop there for Rep. Gonzalez. In another video from her speech, she of course has to bring up the lefts latest buzz word issue, “white privilege”.

“If you are a white person, what would you be willing to give up to make things more equitable for a person of color?” she asks the audience.

It doesn’t get much for Rep. Gonzalez, who has a Master’s degree in “Social Justice” and formerly taught at Southwestern University and UT Austin, and is pursuing a Doctorate in “Curriculum and Instruction-Cultural Studies in Education” (whatever the hell that is). She recalls her time teaching in universities and says that it’s “very problematic” that people go to college to get a job and make money. “I would tell my students, I would try to interrupt the dominant discourse that is facilitated by capitalism.”

Finally, she goes into some detail about how modern day universities are institutions for radicalizing the youth. “The university space really is the space where you’re supposed to be encouraged to be radical, encouraged to be progressive, encouraged to challenge the status quo.”

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