Sean Hannity: Warren May Run for President – “All We Need Is Another Communist” (VIDEO)

Sean Hannity was joined by author Hugh Hewitt and Washington Times columnist Charles Hurt tonight on his show to discuss Donald Trump, Hillary, Joe Biden and the upcoming Republican debate.

hewitt hurt hannity
Hewitt, Hurt and Hannity

Sean told his guests he suspects Elizabeth Warren may run for the White House.


Sean Hannity: I think the person to watch out for. Two people I think they’ve aligned together privately. This is a total conspiracy on my part. I think Elizabeth Warren may get into this race with support of Comrade Bill DeBlasio. Just what we need, another Communist in the White House.”

Charles Hurt: Oh, what a doozy. What a snoozer.

Hugh Hewitt: Just what we need another law professor from Harvard, Sean.

Sean Hannity: Yeah, all we need is another Communist, Obama on steroids.

He’s right.
Warren makes Obama look like a real piker.

Via Hannity:

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