Science Fiction: New York Approves First U.S. Climate Change Museum


(Image: Tree Hugger)

Currently there is an effort to create a Museum of Science Fiction in our nation’s capital. But based upon a recent vote by the New York City State Board of Regents, the Big Apple is going to give the Science Fiction Museum a run for its money by opening a museum of their own. While the museum in D.C. will concentrate on all Science Fiction genres deriving from all types of mediums, the museum in New York will be dedicated to a different type of Science Fiction, Climate Change.

The Insurance Journal reports that the exhibits in the new Climate Change Museum, the first of its kind in the United States, will focus on Marxist/Progressive concepts such as social justice, and even mundane life events, like delayed baseball games:

The plan for a museum in New York City that would focus on climate and climate change, with exhibits that could relate to health, social justice and rain-delayed baseball games, moved a step forward Monday, officials said.

The state Board of Regents, meeting in Albany, New York, approved a five-year provisional charter for the museum, Regents spokesman Tom Dunn said.

The vote means “there is absolutely going to be a museum,” said Miranda Massie, executive director of the Climate Museum Launch Project. She said the museum is now “empowered to hold collections in trust for the public.”

Supporters say it would be the nation’s first climate museum.

Those looking to create a Science Fiction museum in D.C. should take heart from the fact that a Climate Change museum is opening in New York. Because if the state of New York was sold on the idea of funding a museum dedicated to the fiction that is based upon the inaccurate results of man-made computer models created by Climate “scientists”, formally known as Global Warming but now touted as Climate Change, then selling the idea of a museum dedicated to actual Science Fiction in our nation’s capital should be a piece of cake. All they have to do to clinch the deal is to make sure that the term… ‘Climate’ is somewhere in the title…

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