MSNBC Guest Compares Having an Abortion to Donating Blood

Now that a second and even more damning Planned Parenthood video has been released some liberal media outlets are scrambling to defend the organization and minimize the horror.

MSNBC recently hosted a doctor who tried to explain it away by comparing it all to a blood donation.

NewsBusters reported:

While appearing on the Tuesday edition of MSNBC’s Now, Dr. Anne Davis of the Physicians for Reproductive Health compared undergoing an abortion to donating blood in context of the Planned Parenthood video scandal and that both have “costs associated with [the] donation” of giving “fetal tissue” over to “science.”

Davis was guided through the discussion by host Alex Wagner, who insisted that she confirm the “numbers that are thrown out” per baby by Planned Parenthood Medical Directors’ Council President Dr. Mary Gatter in a second video released Tuesday from the Center for Medical Progress (CMP).

Here’s the video:

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