Get Ready For “Gun Range Loophole”

ArmsRoom2 (2)The next paper cut on their way to a thousand is being dubbed the “gun range loophole” and it exploits Chris Kyle, propagated, of course, by one of Bloomberg’s shill operations.

The Trace is Bloomberg’s “journalism” site, and it opened with a giant, yet eerily silent, THUD when it launched last month. Even his other shill operations, such as Moms Demand Action, rarely share or link to anything on it. In fact, website tracker Alexa doesn’t rank it high enough to warrant keeping track of the hits, and Quantcast doesn’t have any info for the site.

A recent story dubbed “Shooting of Firearms Trainer by NYC Woman Exposes Gun Range Loophole” goes on to lament over the lack of background checks at gun ranges. That’s right, even though almost every gun owner has already been subjected to at least one background check, that’s not enough for the deranged anti gunners. They want you to have to go through yet another background check when you go to a gun range.

A federal background check is not required to rent or handle firearms at any range in the United States, and in some states, like Florida, checks on a gun-renter are illegal. If someone heads to a range determined carry out violence, they will not encounter the hurdle that would keep a gun out of their hands at a licensed dealer.

“[Criminals] can go and play with a gun, handle it, fire it, even take pictures with it to intimidate other people, and nobody is going to know about it,” Joseph J. Vince Jr., a retired ATF supervisor, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in a 2010 investigation about the lack of background checks at gun ranges.

In perhaps the most publicized case of murder at a gun range, Chris Kyle, the lauded Navy SEAL sniper, was shot and killed along with his companion, Chad Littlefield, by a mentally unstable veteran suffering from PTSD. No background check was required at that rural Texas range.

This is just the latest random gun related thing to be dubbed a “loophole”, as they close one “loophole” at a time until they finally close that pesky “2nd Amendment Loophole”.

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