Fake Scott Walker Website Redirects Users to Planned Parenthood

PP fake Walker site

In the same week that Scott Walker announced his intention to run for president and Planned Parenthood was caught in a scandal involving the sale of body parts from aborted babies, someone registered the domain readyforwalker.com which redirects users to a Planned Parenthood website.

The Week reports:

This seemingly pro-Scott Walker website actually takes you to a Planned Parenthood page

It’s not as bad as CarlyFiorina.org, but ReadyForWalker.com is a good reminder to politicians that they need to cover all of their bases when it comes to purchasing domain names.

Instead of being a pro-Scott Walker page with campaign promises and the all-important “donate now” button, the site redirects users to Planned Parenthood Action Fund. During his official announcement Monday that he was entering the increasingly crowded GOP presidential race, the Wisconsin governor proudly stated that under his watch, the state defunded Planned Parenthood. The organization still has money for a website, though, and in a post titled “Gynotician Alert: Scott Walker Edition,” Planned Parenthood argued that Walker’s signing of five abortion restrictions into law are a “stark reminder of the extreme agenda that he’d bring all the way to the White House if given the chance.”

Earlier this week, a professor at the University of Wisconsin compared Scott Walker to Hitler, yet history suggests that Planned Parenthood’s practices are nearly indistinguishable from what the Nazis did:


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