Bernie Sanders Supporter Claims “Jesus was a Socialist”

Jesus Christ

Progressives regularly insult and demean Christian values, but they’re all too happy to co-opt Christianity when it serves their political agenda.

At a recent Bernie Sanders rally in Alabama, one supporter claimed Jesus Christ was a socialist.

Howard Koplowitz of reported:


Alabama ‘Feeling the Bern’ for Sanders

Alabamians showed their support for Sanders with “Bernie for President” t-shirts and stickers. One supporter sported a temporary Sanders tattoo on her cheek.

The meetup brought out people like Peter Stuart, 56, of Lincoln, who has been observing Sanders’ campaign for about three weeks and found the Vermont senators’ platform resonating with him.

“He’s got me excited in politics again,” Stuart said. “He’s not just in it for the money or his own career. To me, he’s what politicians should be.”

Stuart said he never volunteered for a campaign before, but has donated to Sanders and plans on giving “a little bit each month.” He said Sanders’ democratic socialist views are aligned with his Christian beliefs.

“I think Jesus was a socialist,” he said, adding that Republicans “talk Christian values and family values, but they don’t do them.”

That claim is completely false.

First of all, the political ideology of socialism as we know it today didn’t exist when Jesus lived.

Second, numerous studies have proved that conservatives give far more money to charity than liberals.

It looks like Sanders has a lock on the low information vote.

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