12 Year-Old Conservative and Family Target of Death Threats After Criticizing Obama

In February 12 year-old conservative CJ Pearson, an African-American middle-schooler, posted an epic defense of New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s repeated claims that President Barack Obama “doesn’t love America.”
cj pearson

CJ applauded Mayor Rudy Giuliani for his recent comments on President Barack Obama’s hatred for America.

Now he’s receiving death threats.
The outspoken conservative said that he and his family have been the target of online threats from unhinged leftists.
The Examiner reported:

On Friday, CJ Pearson, a 12-year-old Georgia conservative who made news with a viral video questioning President Obama’s love of the United States, announced on Facebook that he and his family had been the target of threats on Twitter. Pearson told Examiner that he’s physically okay, but is “distraught” from the threat.

“I had a horribly rough night on Twitter after a woman not only threatened to sue me for expressing my opinions but threatened my family,” he said. “At this point, I’ve decided that it’s best for me to take a step back and evaluate all of my options before continuing down this path.”

“In the meantime, I do have a team that will be monitoring my social networks while I take some time to spend with my family,” he added. “Please keep me in your prayers.”

That team, Vice and Victory, posted screenshots of the threatening tweets Pearson received. On Friday, Vice and Victory’s Ali A. Akbar posted a message on Twitter asking for information regarding the identity of the person or persons who sent the messages.

The messages come from an individual using the twitter handle “Mona Hussein Obama,” which clearly appears to be a fake name. The account goes by the name @MonaB2010, and as of this writing, is protected. “Obama” says she is “left to the left of Dems/libs.” The account also notes: “I abuse and block all GOP/KKK/Teabaggers.”

Apparently, abuse is what she had in mind Thursday night. In one tweet, she told Pearson: “[A]ll your supporters are RWNJs … Racist Teabagger southern cons. I pray your fam is next to be killed.”

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