Conservative Black Teen Defends Giuliani, Calls Out Obama: ‘You Don’t Love Our Nation” (VIDEO)

Even a middle-schooler can see it.
CJ Pearson to Obama: “You don’t love our nation. You just don’t.”
cj pearson

Conservative teen CJ Pearson, an African-American middle-schooler, posted an epic defense of New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s repeated claims that President Barack Obama “doesn’t love America.”

CJ applauds Mayor Rudy Giuliani for his recent comments on President Barack Obama’s hatred for America.


“President Obama, You don’t love America. If you really did love America, you would call ISIS what it really is: an assault on Christianity, an assault on America and downright hate for the American values that our country holds. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion and every single thing that our country stands for… Maybe one day enough people will speak out about your downright hatred of this nation.

This was terrific.

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