More “Reparations” Talk At Commie Conference

Sean BlackmonWhat would socialism look like in the United States? Sean Blackmon, member of Party For Socialism And Liberation, is here to liberate your mind from the capitalist, white privileged way of thinking! (VIDEO BELOW!)

“The very concept of socialism is so misunderstood and maligned in the American conscious, mostly due to the distortions of the buguious media” he says, “We are scientific socialists. Which means that our analysis is based in material conditions, the way things actually are, not fantasies…. Capitalism as we know it has taken about 500 years to develop, so getting rid of the ravages of it won’t be an overnight process”

He goes on to fantasize about what an American socialism would look like. “Under a socialist government, every person would have unrestricted access to food, clothes, shelter, health care, quality education, and gainful employment. Jobs would be a right, with a 30 hour work week, with benefits provided by the government, including free childcare. Poverty would be eliminated by providing a living wage for all… No one would pay more than 10% of their income on housing.”


“The destruction of white supremacy will be a priority of the new socialist government, with reparations being paid to black Americans for the centuries of unpaid labor and super exploitation under enslavement, Jim Crow, mass incarceration, and other forms of institutionalized disenfranchisement. All government treaties with Native Americans will be honored and restitutions will be made for the land and resources stolen by the deposed capitalist class.”

He goes on to make the case for why socialism would work here, where it failed elsewhere, and, ironically, ends up making a case against socialism. “You may be asking if a socialist revolution in American can even be possible. The answer is yes. Emphatically YES! In fact, in this country, the early stage of building socialism would look completely different than it ever has, because the vast resources and technological advancements that exist here would mean there would immediately be a situation of abundance. There would be enough housing and doctors and food for everyone, not just in this country, but around the world. Unlike in countries that have revolutions, but were still struggling to overcome underdevelopment, and the legacy of colonialism and feudalism, after the old system was overturned… Because of the advancements that we have in America, we would be spared that process.”

He is right about one thing; America DOES have an abundance of those resources, thanks to NOT being a socialist society.

He then praises the countries where socialism has existed. “We’ve seen revolutions and efforts to build socialism over the last century in places like Russia and the Soviet Union, China, Korea, Cuba, and Vietnam just to name a few, and we see a profound and transformative process underway today in Venezuela.”

“True liberation cannot come from making slight adjustments to the status quo, but the changes that we seek, the society that we seek to build and indeed the WORLD we seek to build can only come through revolution!”

So maybe the rampant poverty and starvation that exists in those marxist/socialist/communist countries really IS their ideal. Maybe they don’t consider those places to be failures. Maybe misery, to them, is success.

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