“President” Hillary To Continue War An Fossil Fuels With New “Extraction Fees” (VIDEO)

Hillary Obama(Image White House)

The hope most Americans have when electing a new President to Office is that many of the failed policies of the preceding President won’t be continued under the new administration. But if Hillary becomes President, the hope of some sort of “new beginning” will be fruitless; especially as it pertains to cheap energy.

During Hillary’s recent “relaunch” of her Presidential Campaign she admitted that not only does she believe in Climate Change, but instead of abandoning President Obama’s current War on Coal and cheap energy, she’s going to double down. Because while she continue the failed energy policies of the Obama Administration, she actually is going to augment them with new fossil fuel extraction fees in order to make it more expensive to use fossil fuels and to help offset the job losses and hardships people will face during the transition to the supposed clean energy future:

“And we will make America the clean energy superpower of the 21st century. Developing renewable power, wind, solar, advanced bio-fuels, building cleaner power plants, smarter electric grids, greener buildings, using additional fees and royalties from fossil fuel extraction to protect the environment and to ease the transition for distressed communities to a more diverse and sustainable economic future. From coal country to Indian country. From small towns in the Mississippi Delta to the Rio Grande Valley, to our inner cities. We have to help our fellow Americans.

Now this will create millions of jobs and countless new businesses and enable for America to lead the global fight against Climate Change.”

Video below:

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