How UnProgressive: Charleston Citizens Hold Hands In Unity and Sing About Jesus

Charleston(Image screenshot)

There is an old saying: What if you threw a party and nobody came? Or a more Progressively modern take on that saying might be: What if you didn’t let a good crisis go to waste by taking advantage of a tragedy and nobody rioted?

That was the case in Charleston, South Carolina over the weekend. After the disgusting display of evil shown by the murder of nine people during a bible study, and even after the event was used by some on the left (including the President) to push divisiveness and their Progressive agenda, instead of rioting the people of Charleston did something much more inspiring. They came together and sang about Jesus no less.


Maggio News was on the scene when this UnProgressive event took place, and he found it rather inspiring:

“In the small town of Charleston, South Carolina a crazed gunman shot and killed nine people during a Bible study session at one of the nation’s oldest African-American churches. Days after the horrific murders the community decided it was time to start the healing process, thousands of Charleston residents of all races gathered at the Arthur Ravenel.JR.Bridge in a show of unity, this was unlike anything this reporter has ever seen before, it was very moving to say the least. Masses gathered at opposite ends of the bridge and walked the 2 mile distance to meet in the middle high above the city of Charleston to pay their respects to the nine victims and to also show the world what faith based community really means.”

His video of the event is below:

Maggio points out that this event was a teachable moment for the rest of the nation by proving “faith and community trumps the haters”.

We at Progressive’s Today would agree.

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