Bill Nye Says Overpopulation Is Causing Climate Change (Video)

Bill Dork
(Image screenshot)

Bill Nye, the I was never really a scientist, Guy has been a known proponent of man-made Global Warming, aka Climate Change. But what he has never really expressed is how really man-made he believes it is; until now.

In a video released by The Watercooler, Bill Nye states that the over population of the planet is causing Climate Change:


“Hey, Hey! Bill Nye here for the Emoji Science Lab. This episode: Climate Change.

Climate Change is a real deal everybody and here’s why. If we had some extraordinary car on some extraordinary highway and we could drive, somehow, straight up. For an hour. At highway speed we would be in outer space. It’s right there. The atmosphere is really thin.

Now back in 1750 there were about one-and-a-half billion people in the world. Well today there is 7.2 going on 7.3 billion people. 

Well that’s the problem. There’s billions of people breathing and burning the same thin atmosphere…”

Video below:

Under normal circumstances Bill Nye’s statement would be laughable. But considering the story which broke here on Progressives Today exposing how a UN Climate Official stated that we should do everything possible to decrease the world’s population to fight Climate Change, Bill Nye’s admission is down right scary.

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