RED FRANCIS: Pope’s Embrace of Marxists and Jew-Haters Should Concern All Catholics

Pope John Paul II‘s early life experiences with communism made him a great opponent to the doctrine that had ruined his home country of Poland.

These battles with communism left John Paul deeply suspicious of Marxist thought. That included liberation theology, a Soviet tool which tried to bring the concern of Jesus for the poor to bear on the miserable living conditions in Latin America. For John Paul, liberation theologians had borrowed too much from Marxism.

The most famous images of his concern occurred during a visit to Nicaragua, where priests were serving in the cabinet of the Sandinista government. John Paul wanted them out. One of them, Ernesto Cardenal, met him at the airport, and the pope visibly admonished him.


marxist ernesto cardenal
Pope John Paul II scolds Marxist priest Ernesto Cardenal in 1983.

But those days are over.
And Pope Francis is no John Paul II.
Francis is embracing Marxists and celebrating Jew-haters.
Instapundit posted this very concerning list of recent papal actions.

VATICAN TO RECOGNIZE PALESTINE:  The Vatican has brokered at “treaty” with the “State of Palestine.” The treaty reportedly deals with the activities of the Catholic Church in Palestine. Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is expected meet with Pope Francis over the weekend to finalize details.

The Vatican has referred to Palestine as a “state” since November 2012, when the UN voted to upgrade the Palestinian Authority’s status from “entity” to “non-member state.”  Just last week, Pope Francis said the Vatican would canonize two nuns who lived in Israel under Ottomon rule as “Palestinian saints.”

It hasn’t been very long since the Palestinian Authority/PLO was widely considered to be a terrorist organization.

Well, it’s all part of a global progressive movement. Pope Francis has been dogged by accusations that he is sympathetic to communism.  The Pope doesn’t help allay these concerns when he meets with Raul Castro, reinstates a Marxist “liberation theology,” vocally anti-Israel Nicaraguan priest who won the Lenin Peace Prize, invites a Peruvian liberation theology priest to speak, and hosts the World Meeting of Popular Movements, where he said attendees must unite ”against the structural causes of poverty, inequality, the lack of work, land and shelter, the denial of social and labor rights,” and confront the “empire of money.”

At a minimum, it seems Pope Francis is becoming very cozy with liberation theology, which is essentially a progressive/Marxist vision of Catholicism.  A top Soviet bloc defector recently claimed that liberation theology was created by the KGB.

brockmann ahmadinejad
Miguel D’Escoto Brockmann greets friend and Jew-hater Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. (Moun)

This should concern all Catholics.

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