BREAKING: ISIS Executes 600 Yazidi Hostages in Tal Afar

ISIS reportedly slaughtered 600-700 Yazidi prisoners in the Tal Afar region of northern Iraq.

The hostages were reportedly lined up and shot dead in a ditch on Al-Ayyadiya highway.
Aranews reported, via Religion of Peace:

On Friday the so-called Sharia Court of the Islamic State group (IS/ISIS) reportedly executed 600 hostages from the Yezidi community of Shingal (Sinjar) in the Talafar district in northern Iraq.

The group piled the bodies into the well of Alo Antar on al-Ayyadiya highway, local sources reported.

Shahin Shingali, a fighter in the ranks of the Peshmerga forces, stated to ARA News that since Friday the IS radicals transferred nearly 700 Yezidi hostages to Talafar.

“Without a direct intervention by the international community, Iraq will be witnessing more genocides against innocent people at the hands of the IS terrorists,” Shingali said.

Aseel al-Nujaifi, governor of Nineveh province in Iraq, confirmed on Friday that the IS terrorists executed hundreds of Yezidi captives.

“A new crime was committed by Daesh (Islamic State) against our Yezidi people on Friday,” al-Nujaifi said in a statement.

Where is Barack Obama as this genocide continues?


What is wrong with this US president?

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