Veiled Marxism and Quotes of a Cop Killer At Student Climate Protest (VIDEO)

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It has become all too apparent that the “green” movement has lost all semblance of legitimacy pertaining to anything involving the environment. Instead it has become a front for the Progressive left who uses it to paint their anti-capitalist, Marxist, and racial prejudices with a green brush in order to make it easier to push their agenda on the youth of America and the weak minded.

Case in point.


On Saturday April 10th, the Maine Students for Climate Justice held a protest at the State House in Augusta, Maine. While one might expect that such a group would be full of young tree huggers who enjoy sitting around singing hippie camp fire songs, instead, judging by several of the speakers, their ranks are teaming with hidden Marxists and those who worship cop killing radicals.

For instance one of the speakers, Attorney Sherri Mitchell Executive Director of the Land Peace Foundation, explained to the youthful crowd that the United States was founded upon “two pillars of conquest: genocide and slavery”. Ms. Mitchell then went on to state that their activism was in and of itself a form of “conquest” which was all about “crumbling this other system”. During her speech Ms. Mitchell repeated several times that they need to replace the current system with something “much more egalitarian”. She then goes on, in a manner Marx would be proud of, to rail against “one of the other wounds of the Western mindset”  known as “individualized success”:

“One of the other wounds of the Western mindset is this idea of individualized success. That the markers for success are that, you know, we’re successful at school. We’re successful at getting a job. We’re successful at getting our little house with the picket fence. We are successful at buying our own piece of the earth. Right? So this actually is also maladaptive to our survival on the earth because we’re not made to be living individualize lives.

“…Now this individualized idea of living is also a malignancy in our minds you know because it’s maladaptive to our survival on the planet. It wastes an incredible amount of resources. So we’re throwing out tons and tons of stuff because we’re being taught we need to stockpile stuff in order to be successful. Right? We need to buy all of this food. We need to have a refrigerator full of food all the time, that we can’t possibly eat, in our little individualized homes.

But if we shipped our way of living to a more communal way of living. If we go back to those types of practices that is in line with who we are naturally as human beings. If we look at the natural world it’s very cooperative. So we need to get back to that model.

It’s not enough for us to just have a green economy without changing the way that we’re living.

While Ms. Mitchell advocates for a peaceful transition to her “communal” living model, she does admit that it is going to take a “radical revolution” of people who are willing to change the way they live in order to save the planet.

As troubling as Ms. Mitchell’s words might be to those of us who cherish our individual Liberty and the American way of life, what was said by several members of Portland’s Racial Justice Congress is even more disturbing.

One of the members named Christina Perez continued with the Marxist theme by stating that “our current society’s efforts to accumulate wealth” was dependent upon “systematic oppression, like racism”.

But in an effort to up the Progressive ante, an unnamed, assumed member of the Congress went on to ask the crowd if they had heard of Assata Shakur. Several in attendance responded with a resounding “Yea!”. With enthusiasm, the unnamed member then went on to lead the crowd in a chant taken from an Assata Shakur quote.

Assata Shakur is a member of the Black Panther Party and the Black Liberation Army. She was convicted of killing a New Jersey police officer in 1973. She is considered a domestic terrorist and was the first woman to ever be added to the FBI’s most wanted list. And to top it all off she currently lives in exile in Communist Cuba.

So once again the rule of thumb proves to be true: Environmental Green is indeed the new Communist Red…and it hangs out with those who idolize cop killers.


Video below:

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