U.S. Warships Head To Yemen To Intercept Iranian Weapons Shipments

Guest post by DMartyr


The White House admitted that Iran cannot be trusted, yet Obama made a nuclear deal with the country anyway.  Now, less than a month after Obama reached the agreement with the Islamic nation, the U.S. is being forced to prevent Iran from further arming terrorists in Yemen:

In a stepped-up response to Iranian backing of Shiite rebels in Yemen, the Navy aircraft carrier, USS Theodore Roosevelt, is steaming toward the waters off Yemen to beef up security and join other American ships that are prepared to intercept any Iranian vessels carrying weapons to the Houthi rebels. […]

White House spokesman Josh Earnest would not comment specifically on any Navy movements in Yemeni waters, but said the U.S. has concerns about Iran’s “continued support for the Houthis.

“We have seen evidence that the Iranians are supplying weapons and other armed support to the Houthis in Yemen. That support will only contribute to greater violence in that country. These are exactly the kind of destabilizing activities that we have in mind when we raise concerns about Iran’s destabilizing activities in the Middle East.”

He said “the Iranians are acutely aware of our concerns for their continued support of the Houthis by sending them large shipments of weapons.”

Despite Iran’s continued support of terrorist regimes, Obama plows forward insisting on giving the untrustworthy country the ability to build its own nuclear arsenal.

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