“That’s Deplorable!” Grandfather To Anti Gun Cartoonist

150412_cartoon_bigAfter the shooting death of 2 year old Kaden Lum in Bremerton, WA, cartoonist Milt Priggee drew a cartoon depicting the toddler as an angel, alongside an Uncle Sam-ed out Devil creature, holding 2 pistols, labeled as “America’s Gun Culture.” The cartoon ran in the Kitsap Sun newspaper, out of Washington state.

Jason Trammell, grandfather of Kaden Lum, said “I feel that the cartoonist used my grandson as a 2-year-old in his cartoon to push their political agenda for the shock effect, and I think that’s deplorable”

From KOMO News:


Trammell sent editor David Nelson an email and then met with him twice face to face. Trammell said he wants Nelson and the cartoonist, Milt Priggee, to lose their jobs.

“(Nelson) is making the calls, he’s making the judgments on what gets printed and what doesn’t, and as he owns up to in this email I got from him. He did make that judgment call and crossed the line,” Trammell said.

You can reach Milt Priggee via his twitter, @MiltPriggee.

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