Oregon Slavery Senator CAUGHT LYING About Bloomberg Connection

14454616-mmmainAfter making headlines over the weekend regarding his comments on the Supreme Court being right for approving slavery, Oregon state Senator Chuck Riley is in full retreat mode.

They’ve trotted out local media to run damage control, namely a puff piece in the Oregonian. Willamette Week also ran the story, but it was much less biased. Meanwhile, the Senate Republicans released an official statement calling for Senator Riley to be censured.

Now, Senator Riley has stepped up to do an interview with The Truth About Guns. One can at least appreciate Riley’s willingness to engage in dialogue with those opposed to him, unlike many others in the state Senate who haven’t held town halls in over a year and refuse to engage with anyone in the public.

Bloomberg's Moms Demand Action, meeting in Riley's campaign HQ

Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action, meeting in Riley’s campaign HQ

In the TTAG interview, Riley says “For the record, I am opposed to slavery,” and he goes to further explain his stance on the Supreme Court and their decisions. As the interview wore on, he claims he wasn’t familiar with Michael Bloomberg’s statements on keeping guns out of the hands of minorities. Furthermore, he says he didn’t know Everytown was one of Bloomberg’s operations. “I want to distance myself from Bloomberg. When Everytown came and contributed money I didn’t realize they were associated with him.”



Moms Demand Action's old event page, promoting their canvassing effort for Riley

Moms Demand Action’s old event page, promoting their canvassing effort for Riley

This is the first time he claimed he didn’t know this, and he has publicly spoken about it several times in the past, including at the town hall where the slavery video was filmed.

How on earth could he NOT know Everytown was funded and run by Michael Bloomberg? Either Riley is lying or he failed to do his due diligence and didn’t bother to learn anything about an organization giving $75,000 to his campaign.

Not only did Bloomberg donate a large sum of money to his campaign, but they also endorsed him on their page. To top it all off, Moms Demand Action canvassed for him at least 3 times as the election grew near, and used his campaign headquarters to organize.

In fact, Bloomberg’s top lobbyist, Margaret Rohlfing, reported an “independent expenditure” made out to the Riley campaign for $3,859.06.


Moms Demand Action held at least 3 canvass walks for Riley

Moms Demand Action held at least 3 canvass walks for Riley

On top of that, the Oregonian ran an article on September 30th and KOIN 6 ran a similar story on October 9th, after the first round of contributions were filed, and directly pointed out Bloomberg’s involvement with Everytown and the Riley campaign. Other news sources, such as GoLocalPDX, also reported similar things. Even national outlets Breitbart and Washington Times reported Michael Bloomberg’s to Chuck Riley.

So in addition to slavery, the question now begs is Chuck Riley lying to everyone, claiming he didn’t know these groups were associated with Bloomberg, or is he completely oblivious to reality, doesn’t vet his volunteers, doesn’t investigate special interest groups that donate to him and supply volunteers, and does he not bother to crack open a newspaper or watch any news?

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