Jeff Putterman Hates Republicans, And Has A Potty Mouth



When NYC real estate broker Jeff Putterman received an invitation to a luncheon with Wisconsin Governor and presidential candidate Scott Walker, he didn’t just RSVP. He made sure his disgust for the Republican was crystal clear.


Fuck you and your entire extended family.  And the cunt you came out of. Got it?” That was the message sent to New York state Republican Committee Director of Communications David Laska after an angry New Yorker received an invite to a club hosting an event for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

When confronted on the ugly tone of his message, Putterman doubled down by hurling homophobic slurs:

“That was a personal message, so cut the shit. And stuff your head up Walker’s ass,” Putterman said. “If you want to fuck with me, mano a mano, just let me know. You flaming jerkoff.”

When the DailyCaller reached Putterman for comment, he tripled down and hurled more homosexual based slurs:

The Daily Caller sent an inquiry to Putterman, who replied with the same vulgarity.

“Come to the big apple and offer me enough, and you can suck my dick.  For you, considering you applaud the 1% , I’d say $1 million,” he said. “I’ll let your punk-ass friend David Laska — one of the 40 under 40 who will no doubt be arrested in a men’s room in a mid-western airport — suck it too.”

He also told TheDC reporter to “go fuck your mother” multiple times.

We don’t know if this vile Jeff Putterman is the same one who supported Obama in 2008, but he sure does fit the profile of an unhinged progressive who uses foul language and gay epithets to denigrate those they disagree with.

Looking at his real estate profile page reveals that he’s actually a great guy!

 Jeff works hard to help make the process enjoyable and run as smoothly as possible. He’s also just a genuinely nice guy and a joy to be around

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