Islamists Forced Kenyan Students to Recite Koran to Prove Faith Before Killing Them

Islamist terrorists forced Kenyan students to recite the Koran to prove their faith before killing them.
The Islamists let the Muslim students go free during the siege.
islamist captured kenya
Kenyan security officials believe this man is one of the terrorists and tried to escape from the compound. (Daily Mail)

147 students were killed in the attack in Garissa on Thursday.

The Islamists tricked the Christian girls and killed them anyway.
The Daily Mail reported:


These are the terrorists responsible for the mass slaughter in a Kenyan university claiming the lives of 147 people as harrowing stories emerged of the students who managed to survive the massacre.

Pictures of three dead terrorists and one survivor have been posted on the official Facebook page of leader of the Kenyan opposition Raila Odinga who visited the survivors in Garissa today.

One of the terrorists attempted to sneak out of the campus during the 13-hour stand off between al-Shabaab and Kenyan military. He was captured by police outside the compound and taken into custody.

The remaining terrorists were killed after Kenyan military stormed the dormitory where they killed many of their 147 victims.

The release of the photographs comes as it emerged that the callous terrorists called the family of a girl they had just murdered using her mobile phone to ask her father to ring the Kenyan president, and order him to remove his troops from Somalia.

Other photographs posted on Twitter claimed to show victims of the massacre, murdered in a class room and another shocking image featuring approximately 100 bodies lying face down in a courtyard.

Fred Musinai said his daughter phoned him early yesterday morning to tell him about the attack, and at 1pm, he received another call from her handset.

The caller told Mr Musinai that his 21-year-old daughter, who was studying teaching, had just been murdered and urged him to pass on a message to the Kenyan president.

The gunmen, who killed 147 people in Kenya’s worst terrorist attack since 1998, ordered people to recite verses from the Koran at gunpoint to avoid being shot. They also told women that they were safe before gunning them down.

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