Illinois Women’s Writers Group Honors Communist News Organization

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The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) was founded in Chicago, Illinois in the year 1919. Since it’s founding it was funded, and heavily controlled by, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R./CCCP). According to the CPUSA’s own documents, it’s founders were directed by the Communist Party to “form “fighting organizations for seizing control of the state, for the overthrow of government and the establishment of the workers’ dictatorship“. Even today, CPUSA members are anti-American even while trying to give the impression that they care about the poor, unions, and minorities.

But the CPUSA’s hatred for the United States, nor it’s founding mission, has dissuaded a women’s writers group in Chicago from heaping laurels onto the Communist organization’s propaganda arm.


According to the CPUSA news, People’s World, The Illinois Women’s Press Association (IWPA) has bestowed at least 9 awards on People’s World for propaganda…er I mean articles, written by some of their reporters. The Co-Editor of the CPUSA will also be the recipient of the coveted IWPA “Silver Feather” award:

“CHICAGO – The Illinois Woman’s Press Association announced earlier this month that People’s World writers are among the recipients of top awards in this year’s 74th Mate E. Palmer Communications Award Contest. In addition, PW co-editor Teresa Albano will be the 2015 IWPA Silver Feather Award recipient.

The IWPA is believed to be the nation’s oldest organization of women writers, established in 1885 in Chicago and is the founding mother of the National Federation of Press Women, which was established in 1937. The awards contest is named after IWPA’s ninth president Mrs. Mate E. Palmer, a lifetime member of the association, having joined the year of its founding.

The Silver Feather Award was established in 1972 and is presented to the Mate E. Palmer Award Contest entrant with the highest point total. PW received six first place awards, one second place, two third place and two honorable mentions across journalistic categories.

The IWPA was founded in 1885 in order to provide communication and support for women writers.

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