Figures: Sympathetic BuzzFeed Article on American Jihadi Downplays HerTreasonous Role with ISIS

umm jihad
Photo of UmmJihad and other ISIS women via Radio Free Europe – Radio Liberty

A BuzzFeed article by reporter Ellie Hall is drawing praise from her peers for actually doing her job of reporting. And while the article does give insight in to how an American-born Muslim daughter of Yemeni immigrants came to join the Islamist terrorist group ISIS, the article downplays her role in the organization such that she comes off as little more than a devout Muslim who became the young widowed bride of a jihadist in Syria.

The woman, named just Hoda in the article, went by UmmJihad on Twitter.


The Gateway Pundit was one of the first (and few) to report back on March 19 about UmmJihad’s call for the assassination of President Barack Obama and for terror attacks on patriotic parades in America.

Missing from the Buzzfeed article by Hall with the cutesy title of, Gone Girl: An Interview With An American In ISIS, is UmmJihad’s call for the assassination of President Obama.

Also missing are UmmJihad’s online fundraising solicitations for ISIS included in The Gateway Pundit article.

Also missing is UmmJihad’s release of the names , photos and home addresses of American pilots so that the service members and their families could be attacked by ISIS sympathizers in the U.S which occurred after the article was published at TGP.

Also missing is UmmJihad’s call for Muslims to poison teachers.

One can learn more about UmmJihad’s treason on a few paragraphs from an article in Adelaide Now published March 22 than in the entire magazine=length article at BuzzFeed:

“Sharrouf’s daughter, along with Turkish-Australian Zehra Duman and Umm Jihad, yesterday shared a list of US pilots, including photos and addresses, who they claim “bombed Kobane”.

“The American wife of ­Rahman has asked Muslims to poison teachers.

““You can look up Obama’s schedule on the White House website. Take down that treacherous tyrant!

““If you can’t come here then terrorise the kuffar at home. Form and expand the Khilafah (Caliphate) where you are.”

“It is believed Rahman was killed fighting for the ­extremists in Kobane — a Kurdish stronghold near the Syrian border of Turkey.

“Between issuing threats and begging for cash to fund IS, she whinged that life in Syria without her extremist husband was difficult.

““Any wife of a shaheed that tells u its easy is lying but this is part of the sacrifice,’’ she said.”

The BuzzFeed article by Hall includes just one tweet by UmmJihad in which she calls for attacks on patriotic parades, but there is no follow-up and apparently no effort to get UmmJihad to explain herself further in the interviews conducted by Hall.

What one gets from the BuzzFeed article is a portrait of a young American Muslim girl who became a true believer and went off and married an ISIS jihadi in Syria and once said a bad thing about Muslims killing Americans—but only once.

The true portrait of Hoda aka UmmJihad, is one of an American citizen who has committed treason. No cutesy Gone Girl headline can cover that up, no matter the efforts of BuzzFeed.

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